• D155 Board Approves Balanced Budget

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Shannon Podzimek
    August 20, 2019 spodzimek@d155.org

    D155 Board Approves Balanced Budget

    Community High School District 155 held a public hearing and approved a balanced budget at its regularly scheduled August 20 board meeting. "We've managed to produce balanced budgets now for five consecutive years," said Jeremy Davis, assistant superintendent of finance & operations. "We've been able to
    do that while holding our operating tax levy flat multiple times. We're proud of our record with regard to responsible taxation and money management." District 155, like most Illinois school districts, receives the bulk of its revenue from property taxes. District 155's 2019-2020 budget forecasts $101,163,396 in operating
    fund revenue. Property taxes make up about 72.7 percent of that revenue. State and federal revenue comprise approximately 15 percent of district operating revenue. District 155's budget also forecasts $100,073,742 of operating expenditures. Salary and benefits make up 83.5 percent of those expenses. The full budget and budget presentation can be viewed on the district website at www.d155.org in the finance section. District 155 first discussed and tentatively approved its 2019-2020 budget in June 2019, prior to the beginning of the district's fiscal year on July 1.

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