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“ Local Business Empowerment”


The "Thrive & Rise Program" has been established as a beacon of support for the Cary-Grove area business community, aiming to ensure their continued success by the Cary-Grove Area Chamber of Commerce. This program is centered around collecting donations, which are then allocated to assist small businesses that are just starting out or grappling with financial difficulties. It epitomizes the spirit of mutual support within the business community, fostering a sense of unity and connection. By helping one another, the program ensures that the entire community can continue to flourish and maintain its strong interconnections. This initiative not only aids in immediate financial relief but also reinforces the resilience and collective strength of the Cary-Grove business landscape.


Request Support from the Thrive & Rise Program
•          TRP funds can be used to cover new or existing membership fees, Chamber events,
eblast marketing or business-related hardships. May not be used for personal needs.

•          Funds are used by request from a business that has submitted an application.

•          The application process will include what the request is for and how it will help their business.

•          Businesses applying for funds agree to speak with a representative from the Board of Directors Business Scholarship committee.

•          Businesses applying for assistance will remain anonymous at all times and information only privy to the to the President of the Chamber and the Committee.


Support the Thrive & Rise Program
•          TRP is supported by contributions from the Cary-Grove Chamber and other generous community
businesses. Supporting businesses will be listed on the Thrive and Rise page on CGACOC website.

•          Supporters can make a contribution to TRP year-round.

•          The Business Scholarship makes decisions on payouts based on requests.

•          Funding will be reported yearly to the CGACOC Board of Directors by the Committee Chair.

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